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What is a Short Sale?
A real estate short sale is when a lender or investor agrees to sell a property for less than the borrower owes on their mortgage. A short sale is an alternative to a foreclosure. Consult your Finest City agent today regarding the advantages of a real estate short sale.

Buying a Short Sale
San Diego’s current market is flooded with short sales. Purchasing a short sale is a great way to take advantage of the market and purchase real estate below current market value. The buying process of a short sale can be lengthy and frustrating. Finest City is here to take control and tackle the current trends to help our clients successfully make sound investments. Consult a Finest City agent on the benefits of buying a short sale.

Short Sale Services

Finest City knows this current real estate market has caused a large amount of financial stress and burden on a lot of San Diego families. You may have purchased your home or investment with the intention of it going up in value, and unfortunately it has gone down. Call Finest City to arrange a free consultation regarding your short sales. Finest City can help you sell your home for top dollar.

Allow Finest City to help you avoid foreclosure in a real estate short sale.


Advantages of a Short Sale

Dignified alternative to foreclosure

Allows you to complete the sale of your home when you owe more than it’s worth.

You may be able to avoid federal debt relief taxes under the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007

You may be able to qualify for purchasing another home in 2 years. Foreclosure typically requires you to wait 5-7 years to qualify.